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Darin Kidd is one of the most sought-after trainers in Network Marketing today. Having been a leader in the industry for over 24 years, Darin has earned millions of dollars and built sales organizations with hundreds of thousands of distributors. Darin has become an accomplished trainer and has led hundreds of live events around the world helping people build their own successful network marketing businesses. While success has followed Darin in the industry it’s not what separates him. What separates him is his passion for helping people have success of their own by teaching them to do exactly what he has done.

What motivates me is helping others realize they can have more, do more, and be more. I love helping people! I get up every day and search for those that I can help and serve.

Darin Kidd and his family

Darin Kidd and his family

This site was created with the distinct goal of becoming a community for those interesting in growing their network marketing business. Any effective marketing strategy relies on building and maintaining customer relationships. The strongest relationships are built upon trust, transparency and consistent communication and we hope to provide all three here on www.SucceedWithDarin.com. Here you will find marketing tips and advice, videos, and exclusive access to training events and resources that will help you create time and financial freedom by building a successful Network Marketing business.

Darin lives in Virginia with his wife, Cheryl and their 5 kids.

Darin’s Story

My story starts off just like many others. I was just a kid and I thought I knew it all. I married my high school sweetheart Cheryl and we started a family. I knew I had to make a living for my family, but, the more I tried the harder things seemed to get. Just fifteen years ago I was at rock bottom. I was a college dropout, still living in my small southern town with 3 kids. I was bankrupt. My car had been repossessed. I was on Medicaid and had even applied for food stamps. Everyone saw that I had failed over and over again, and I felt as though I had failed as a husband, a father, and a businessman.


The definition of insanity is doing what you’ve always done and yet expecting things to change.


I was fortunate enough to be blessed with some amazing friends and mentors who didn’t tell me what I wanted to hear, but what I NEEDED to hear. They looked at me NOT as I was, but how I could be using my God-given potential. For my situation to change I had to change. To get something different I had to do something different!

Success comes as a package. It takes five elements in your life to achieve success.


I will be your mentor. On this site I will share some of the best advice I can give you to help you succeed in your relationship marketing business. You will find training videos and other tools to help fuel your success.

What motivates me is helping others realize they can have more, do more, and be more. I love helping people! I get up every day and search for those that I can help and serve. It won’t take you long to notice that I also LOVE to have FUN!

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